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Relationship Building

Your network is your net-worth.

Read up on finding, growing, and keeping relationships within the industry.

Team, Squad, Fam; whatever you may call your people, you need them. Check out Daniel Caesar's take on the importance of having a strong team in the music industry.

Young Thug's engineer Alex Tumay weighs in on building trust between producers and artists. Check out his advice on how to link and build.

Maneuvering partnerships as an entrepreneur can be challenging. Check out this article for insight on how to link and build strategically. #linkandbuild

Mentors are crucial for success. If you don't know how to go about finding the right ones, we've got you covered! Check out Tim Ferris's advice on how to attract the best mentors.

Kung Fu Kenny and Taylor Swift? Find out how these two completely different artists were able to collaborate and how unique collaborations can benefit your career.

Team Building for Musicians

Creating your circle can be tough, but it is crucial for finding success. We at REC realize the importance having of a strong team and want our members to as well. Check out this article detailing how to build a great team to support your music career.

As a visual artist, you are probably traveling off the beaten path in regards to pursuing a career you are able to sustain and monetize. Beyond that, you might be the first to do what you're doing. In that case, how do you find a solid mentor? The article tells all!...

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