FRETHINKER Advisory Board
C. Jae
 R&B Singer Songwriter
 FREETHINKER Since: Dec. '17
Mark Morgan/Sobmar
 R&B Singer Songwriter
 FREETHINKER Since: Dec. '17
Neerali Patel
 Spoken Word Artist 
 FREETHINKER Since: Aug. '17
Mike Casey
 FREETHINKER Since: Oct. '17
Terrance Davis/T.Coda
Rapper, Event Curator 
 FREETHINKER Since: Sept. '17
Namarah McCall
 Soul Singer Songwriter
 FREETHINKER Since: Aug. '17
Rachel Andie
 Rachel Andie & The V Element
 FREETHINKER Since: Feb. '18
Mai Spann
 Rapper, Activist, Educator
 FREETHINKER Since: June '17
Collin Edwards
 Foxtrot & The Get Down
 FREETHINKER Since: Nov. '17

REC Philly's FREETHINKER Advisory Board is made up of nominated members of the FREETHINKERS program who accurately represent the ideals, goals, and demographic of the program. 

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