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  What is the difference between REC Philly & FREETHINKERS?

  • Let’s keep this simple. REC Philly is the company - FREETHINKERS is the community. REC operates the spaces, the partnerships, and the staff. FREETHINKERS is the program that promotes the community of members and the mindset of being a creative entrepreneur.


What do I get for paying $40/month for membership?

  • Glad you asked. We have added a ton of value to the membership program -- all for you, the creative. Let us list the things:


      • The REC ROOM is a 3-room DIY creative facility in North Philadelphia. Made up of a Recording Studio, Visual Lab, and Co-Working Space - The REC ROOM has all the resources you need to create, and none of what you don’t.

      • Each FREETHINKER Member receives 4 complimentary hours at The REC ROOM per month. After the 4 hours are used, the cost is $10/hours to rent out any of the rooms.


  • Preferred Booking Opportunities

    • REC Philly is known for producing events of all sizes and themes throughout the past. As we move forward into the future, FREETHINKER Members will be first in-line to be booked for events, shows, and opportunities that come through our network.


  • Access to Jobs & Opportunities Board

    • You can never have too many opportunities come your way, and that’s why we created the Jobs & Opportunities Board. When our partners & clients contact us about needing a creative person for work (which might be hiring a DJ, Singer, Videographer, Painter, etc) we will post these gigs on the Board. There will also be posting of non-related part-time job opportunities from around the city.


  • FREE ACCESS TO ALL* REC Philly Events & Workshops

    • Any REC Philly produced events will be free-of-charge to our FREETHINKERS Members. Whether that be our bi-weekly educational workshops and open-mics, or our monthly concerts & parties - these events will always* be free.



    • Education is the backbone of the FREETHINKERS Membership Program. We understand that surfing the internet for trusted educational material is challenging - so we did it for you. This curriculum is an online database of relevant blogs & articles focused on the creative entrepreneur that is updated weekly. Learn more about current social trends, technologies, and how to run a proper business!


  • Submitting a Project Request

    • Now you have direct access to the REC Philly team with the ability to submit a Project Request. Need anything, at all? Looking to collaborate with REC? In need of a particular service (PR, Distribution, Videographer, etc)? Have an event idea that you are looking share? Submit a Project Request at any point and hear back from a REC Philly Account Manager within 48 hours.


  • Discounts on all Industry Services

    • During your creative journey, we are sure there will be things you need help with. Do you need to hire a lawyer, a publicist, an engineer...anything? REC has created strategic partnerships with Philadelphia’s top service providers - that way when you need something done, we can connect you to them - and for a discounted rate! Our industry partners provide FREETHINKER Members up to 30% off their services.


Can I cancel my membership at any time? Is there a penalty?

  • It is not advised to cancel your membership before your 6 month agreement is completed. There is a small penalty for cancellations without warning. If you communicate with your account manager about why you want to end your agreement, we will make sure you end your agreement without any penalties.


How long does my membership last?

  • All membership agreements last 3-6 months. You will be notified as your membership is ending. After 3 or 6 months, your membership will automatically be renewed if you do not cancel the subscription.

Is there an age requirement to be a member of the FREETHINKERS program?

  • All members must be 18 years of age or older. 


Who are the other members of the FREETHINKERS program?

  • We do not list our members publicly. But you can see/communicate with other members via the Freethinkers Community forum.


Does REC Philly own any of the material I create during Membership?

  • This is one of our favorite parts of this program. Members own EVERYTHING that they create. All their music, all of their content...everything. You own what you create.


What is the difference between FREETHINKERS Membership & a Talent Agency?

  • Solid question. We like to consider the FREETHINKERS program having a few similarities as a talent agency - but they are definitely not the same. We represent all of our members when clients are looking to hire creatives, and we serve to connect the dots for our members in order to get them additional work. The main difference is that a Talent Agency has a sole responsibility to find work for all of their clients. A FREETHINKER can expect additional work from being in the program, but it is not guaranteed - and our main responsibility is providing value to the overall program and not any particular member.  


Does a FREETHINKER need to exclusively use the spaces & services that are provided within the Membership?

  • There is nothing exclusive about this program. FREETHINKERS can use as much or as little as they want within the program, and can continue using outside services & spaces for anything they need accomplished. 


I'm having trouble Logging-On into the Membership Toolkit. What's going on?

  • If you are having issues with the log-in process to gain access to the Membership Toolkit, there is probably 1 of 2 things happening.

    • 1) You have yet to be granted access to the Membership Toolkit. If you already have paid for the FREETHINKERS Program, you need to "Sign-up" on the Website as well - which will then request you access. If you already did this and still do not have access, simply email support@recphilly.com. 

    • 2) You might be trying to "Sign-up" instead of trying to "Log-in". It's an easy mistake to make. Make sure you are clicking the "I'm already a user, log in" button and not filling out the "Sign-up" information.  ​​



What is the REC Room?

  • The REC Room is a 3-room creative facility, made up of a DIY Recording Studio, Visual Lab, and Co-Working space.


Where is the REC Room? What are the hours?

  • The REC Room is located at 2301 N 9th Street (Philadelphia) on the 4th floor. The hours of operation are flexible, but you can expect our space to be open from 10am until 2am Monday through Sunday.


Can I come at any time to the REC Room?

  • We recommend making an appointment if you are looking to utilize any of the rooms. But feel free to stop on by whenever to kick it.


What are the rates I have to pay after I use my 4 free hours?

  • For members, the fee is $10/hour to use any of the spaces. For non-members, the fee is $30/hour.


How do I book time at the REC Room?

  • For members, all REC Room is handled within your Membership Toolkit.


How do I get my 4 free hours each month?

  • Using The Commons, you can claim your free hours by selecting the "Comp" option when selecting your studio time. 

  • Claim your 4 free hours per month by emailing tim@recphilly.com.


What equipment do you have in the recording studio?

  • 1 LG White Humidifier & Remote

  • 2 Samsung TV’s (1 in lobby)

  • 2 Rakit Speakers

  • 1 Leviton Protection

  • 1 Focusrite Scarlett 18i20

  • 1 Presanus Monitor Station

  • 2 Rode Microphone

  • 1 On-Stage Clear Keyboard Essential

  • 1 Octave Oxygen 25 Keyboard

  • 3 Furman Headphone Remote Mixing Station (1 in lobby)

  • 1 black power strip

  • 1 Mic stand

  • 2 Rode mic covers

  • 1 Sennheiser Headphones

  • 1 White Apple Keyboard

  • 1 Microsoft Mouse Pad

  • 2- ¼ inch cables

  • 1 ¼ inch splitter

  • 1 midi cable

  • 1 guitar tuner

  • 1 mic mount

  • 1 Audix mic


What equipment do you have in the visual lab?

  • 5 Soft boxes

  • 3 1x1 LED Panels

  • Gels for LED Panels

  • 4 Seamless Paper Backdrops (Black, White, Green, Grey)
    3 Mirrors
    2 Cameras (Canon 60D DSLR & Go Pro Hero 4)


What stuff do you have in the co-working space?

  • Meditation Room

  • Desks & office chairs to pull out your laptop

  • Bean Bags

  • Water

  • Wifi

  • Coffee



How do you pick members for each job? Is it first come first serve?

  • The jobs are not first come first serve. First step - you need to apply to any job you believe fits your skill set. From there, REC will sort through all applications to find the talent that fits the client’s needs the best. We typically send a few options to the client, and they select who they want to hire from there.

  • For opportunities, it is case-by-case. Some opportunities are first come first serve. We will typically write in the description of the opportunity how we will select.


How will we be notified if we do or don’t get the job/opportunity?

  • You will receive an email from a REC Account Manager if you do or do not get selected for the job.


What kind of jobs will be posted?

  • Jobs of all sorts will be posted. We will post jobs that are focused around specific skill sets, such as “DJ for Corporate Event” or “Band to Open for XYZ” or “Videographer for Concert”. We will also post various part-time jobs that are not skill-set focused, such as “Bartender in Philly” or “Social Media Manager for Jewelry Company”. No matter the job, it will always be a gig that pays for the service provided.


What kind of opportunities will be posted?

  • The opportunities will be random, but always valuable. Typically these will be free or discounted tickets to events/programs happening in the city.


How do I get paid for a job that I get accepted for?

  • Payment will be sent via PayPal, Cash App, or Check. Whichever works best for you.



What type of services are offered within the REC Philly network?

  • The REC Network is built to provide any and all industry related services to you, the creative entrepreneur.

  • Services include: merchandising, entertainment law, graphic design, videography, photography, social media management, website design & management, marketing strategy, event curation, engineers, producers, SEO, recording, promotional printing, budgeting, public relations, music distribution, rehearsal space, and more.


What type of discounts are provided for services that I purchase?

  • Members will receive a discount between 15-20% for any service obtained through the “Project Request” portal of the Membership Toolkit


What events are free/discounted within membership?

  • Pretty much any REC curated event will be free for our members. Not all, but most. Any event that REC has a hand in, we will always be pushing discounts for our members to access. Stay on the lookout on the Opportunity Board for these free/discounted tickets.


How do I go about claiming my free event tickets?

  • All free events are claimed through the Opportunity Board. We will also send out weekly blasts with the various free events our members have access to.


How do I go about claiming my discount for the service I want to purchase?

  • The discount will come when dealing with the service provider you are working with. You will notice that the final pricing when dealing with a REC Service Partner will be significantly discounted. There is no special process to get the discount, other than going through the Project Request form to get the service started.



What does REC Philly do?

  • REC serves as a full-service agency & incubator for independent creators. What does that mean though? We help local creatives turn their passions into careers. We serve as your (our members) agent to help you find more paying gigs, more opportunities to grow your business, and more educational programs for you to learn about being an entrepreneur. We either partner with organizations for these opportunities/resources - or we create them ourselves. REC operates as a gym, but for creative people. We provide the spaces, the resources, the strategies -- you provide the talent.


How did REC Philly start?

  • REC started as just an idea in a house basement back in 2012 - throwing showcases for local musicians under the name “Broad Street Music Group”. After realizing local artists needed much more help to turn their passions into careers, the company transitioned to REC Philly in 2015. Now with over 450 events under our belt, working with over 2,000 local artists, and bringing in over $300,000 of revenue into the local creative economy -- we are ready to continue our mission...


How can REC help me?

  • If you consider yourself a “creative”, REC should be able to help you. Do you need to create content? We can help. Do you need to be connected to new resources and opportunities? We can help. Looking to be a part of a community of creative people? We can help.


Who is on the REC Philly team?

  • REC is made up of a team of passionate, ambitious, creative individuals - probably just like yourself. We are a bunch of twenty-something year-olds who are willing to sacrifice our free-time in order to make sure we can help local creatives succeed.  Our two co-founders are Will & Dave. The head of membership is the one & only Scarlet. The head of finances and all things budget related is Alex Duda (for real). The head of talent is Not Famous Tim. And the head of REC content is Huff.


How do I get in contact with REC Philly?

  • Getting in contact should be super easy for you, depending on what you are looking for…

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